The recreational RVs are becoming more and more popular among the younger population and the growth rate of RV industry has increased about 200% over the years.

Recreational Vehicles abbreviated as RVs are motor vehicles that can accommodate people in its living quarters and it is also sometimes referred to as a trailer. These vehicles can be used for living as well as traveling simultaneously. You can sleep in, cook and perform your daily chores in these kinds of vehicles.

RVs are becoming common among youngsters as they are more inclined towards traveling and camping. With these automobiles you can camp anywhere and at any time you want. So, these vehicles not only provide you the comfort of your own choice but also save you the money of staying in a hotel.

Different types of RVs include camper vans, fifth wheeler trailer, caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, truck campers, and popup camper vans. The motorhomes have been categorized into class A, B and C motorhomes. Some of the best manufacturers of RVs include Forest River Inc, Thor industries, Coachmen RV, Oliver Travel Trailers, Airstream, Entegra Coach and Newmar.

Typically the RVs contain a room to sleep in, a kitchen and a bathroom. The luxurious ones also offer the secondary benefits like air conditioner, refrigerator, television, countertops, water heaters and satellite receivers.

Before you buy an RV you need to consider its safety, engine, power source for different appliances such as television, refrigerator and air conditioner, different features, facilities, innovation, the tech used in the RV, the interior design, quality of materials used, and also the exterior. [i]

Here are all the details you need to about recreational vehicles from their features to their prices. Some of the best models of RVs are stated below:

Mercedes Benz Metris Weekender

Mercedes offers a camper van which can serve both grocery hauling purpose as well as the recreational purposes. This is a good option for travelling and performing your daily chores. It can accommodate about five people and an additional 2 people with the mid seats. About 4 people can sleep in this vehicle. The size of this RV is very unique and innovative. The rear contains a folding seat cum bed. It also comprises of an independent sprung mattress. The Metris does not only provide comfortable accommodation but also has numerous advanced safety features including airbags, collision avoiding system and stability setup. It contains a 5 speed transmission 2 liter turbocharged engine. It also has a towing capability of 5000 lbs. However, reviews show that this vehicle is a little on the expensive side the price starting from $65,000 yet it functions as a routine drive as well as a recreational one.

Winnebago Solis

Solis is a small Class B popup RV and an excellent choice for people wanting an affordable vehicle. This is a small RV that can accommodate about 4 people for sleeping. The ideal features of this vehicle are the affordability, maneuverability, functionality and comfort. The Solis contains a solar panel of 220 watts that can be a plus point whenever you travel towards places like forests. It comes with a European styled bath, water sink with both cold and hot options, fridge driven by a compressor, stove with 2 burners, insulation and a heating system that comes in handy when you visit a ski resort or when you travel in winters. It contains a 6 speed auto transmission 3.6 liter V6 engine. The price of Winnebago Solis is around $112,133.

Roadtrek CS/RS Adventurous

The Roadtrek belongs to the larger Class B camping vehicle category. The RS can seat about seven people and about 4 people can sleep in this vehicle. In comparison, the CS can seat about six people and about 3 people can sleep. The size of this RV is large thus providing some impressive features. The rear contains a big cupboard and fridge. It also comprises of a king sized bed, cabinetry and a huge bath with showers. The Roadtrek also has two rooms unlike other RVs thus giving the benefit of privacy. It provides advanced features including hydronic water heat, Dometic air conditioning system as well as cozy dining area. RS and CS contain a 5 speed auto transmission and 3 liter V6 turbocharged engine. It also has a towing capability of 5000 lbs. However, reviews point out that this vehicle is on the expensive side, the price starting from $151,510 yet if you focus on the functionality and innovative features the vehicle seems to be worth the price.

Storyteller Overland Mode

If you are looking for an all wheeler RV camper, Storyteller is your dream RV. It falls in the off-road class B camper category of RVs. This vehicle is one of the most luxurious yet practical drive. The features and lavish aspects of the Storyteller have definitely overshadowed some of the rival RVs. This ride has a solar panel, lithium batteries, 3600 watt inverter as a power source for appliances, with a towing capacity up to 5000 lbs. It consists of various other luxuries such as a microwave, fridge, stove, TV, hot and cold shower, and what not. It can accommodate 4 people for seating as well as sleeping. It contains a retractable bed in the rear. It also contains adjustable seats. Mode contains a 7 speed auto transmission and 188hp 3 liter V6 turbodiesel engine. The cost of Storyteller Overland Mode starts from $150,000.

Kimbo 6

Kimbo 6 is a slide in truck camping RV with great utility options and a low price range. It contains double paned windows and a cozy interior with 6.5 ft headroom, couple of sofas and over the cabin bed. This ride is customizable with the choice of installing whatever the driver wants to add. It comes with a 120 volt power connection and solar outdoor lights. Kimbo 6 has been rated as one of the most affordable and best camping vehicle. However, this RV is not meant for larger families as it can accommodate only 2 to 3 people. Customers have reviewed that it might not be the best choice for people who are not fans of enclosed spaces. The price range of kimbo 6 is from $21,999 to $39,999; an excellent choice for campers who want to travel and camp without spending too much.[ii]