The most popular cars among people are the SUVs and they come in different models having different features. You may buy an SUV depending on the size and shape that you desire. Here is a list and detail of the information about best rated SUVs that will help you in your car purchasing process. These SUVs include all models that have been highly rate by most customers. The sizes of SUVs include full size, mid size, 3 row, compact and sub compact.


Mazda CX-30 is your best option if you require small SUV. It is modern, stylish and comfortable. The interior is lavish and styled up to date. Mazda packs a horsepower of 250 which is some reviewer’s views could have been better. It has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that provides sufficient power. It also provides the attributes of drive assistance, comfortable ride, and adequate storage capacity. The price of Mazda CX 30 starts from $23,225 and goes up to $35,225.


This is a sub compact 4 wheel drive that also comes with an electric variant having a smooth handling and powerful train. It is popular for its lavish style and beauty. It packs 4 cylinder turbocharged engine which can also be upgraded to a 175 hp turbo powertrain. The large proportions of the cabin can accommodate 4 adults easily however the space for cargo is little less as compared to other rival SUVs. Kona has a horse power of 201 and 5/5 seating. The price range of this ride is $34000 to $37641.


Soul SUV is a boldly styled subcompact drive rivaling Hyundai’s Kona and Kia Seltos. The price of this 4 wheeler ranges from $19,190 to $21,889. It comes with a 4 cylinder engine powered by gas and a 201 hp turbocharged powerful engine. Another alternative is an electric model of the same ride. It provides the benefits of a modest cargo space, easy integration by a smartphone, and affordability. However, reviews of most customers have shown that Soul is not very fuel efficient and may not of offer AWD.


This SUV is a blend of lavish, stylish, fashionable features. It has a appearance that appeals  most youths. It comes with two different variable engines including turbocharged 4-cylinders 184-hp T4 or 248-hp T5 engine. It comes in the subcompact category of SUVs with a spacious cabin and storage area. This four wheeler packs a horsepower of 187. However reviews from customers have pointed out that this ride does not offer the latest infotainment system and have high road noise leading to some negative impacts. The price range of this ride is $34,000 to $37,711. [i]


BMW X1 is a luxurious subcompact SUV. This car packs an engine that is 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder providing fuel efficiency and economy. It offers the benefits of sturdy and refined handling on twisty roads. It has a spacious cabin that can accommodate 4 adults as well as large area for cargo. You can easily pack bulky items, suitcases, and grocery. Some reviews from the customers have pointed out a few flaws such as stool shape of the front seats give a somewhat old fashioned look to the car. The price range of this car is around $35,400 to $37,400.


BMW X2 is another luxurious subcompact SUV. It consists of an engine that is 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder providing fuel efficiency as well as keen handling. It offers the advantages of high performance and handsome look. Reviews show that it has a small cabin with limited space both for accommodation by people or storage. Some reviews from the customers have pointed out a few flaws such as the old styled interior doesn’t match the exquisite exterior. Another downside is the cost is more than the X1 but the features are lesser. The price range of this car is around $37,945 to $47,445.


Mazda CX-5 is also a highly rate compact SUV having a modern and bold look. It offers excellent river dynamics and automatic transmission. The interior is also stylish and attention seeking. Mazda packs a horsepower of 187. It has a standard 187-hp 4 cylinder or 250-hp turbocharged engine that offers a powerful ride. It has an upgraded infotainment system with a 10 inch LED screen. The downside is the cargo area which is smaller. The price of Mazda CX 5 starts from $26,545 and goes up to $38,680.


Another option for purchasing SUV is the Volkswagen Tiguan. The handsome style and beautiful exterior of this ride can have heads turning in its direction. It is a good choice for people who want a ride that provides fuel economy. Its price is also economical in comparison to its competitors ranging from about $25,995 to $28,957. This 4 wheel drive provides an experience of a practical and smooth ride. It has a 184-hp 4 cylinder engine and horsepower of 184 hp. The negative reviews for this SUV came out to be the engine and the small proportion seats on the third row.


Honda CR-V is another compact SUV with versatile style and impressive handling. It gives you an experience of smooth and comfortable ride. It packs a four-cylinder powertrain engine or one turbocharged or one hybrid engines which are very quick and has been highly rated for fuel economy rated. It offers a large cabin with broad space and has spacious storage area. It also has standard features of safety technology. The downside is the slow infotainment system nonetheless its best ride for people having small families. The price range of this SUV is from $25,350 to $28,416.


Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size luxury SUV. It is one of the expensive rides having a price range of $67,500 to $72,723. It features a sports car nature and an SUV design. It consists of a twin-turbo V8 powertrain engine with a horsepower of 335. It gives an excellent off the road and on the road experience. The interior of this vehicle is comfortable and luxurious. This vehicle has people turning heads due to it handsome and bold exterior. The only downside is it being a pricey choice. [ii]