With time the demand for assisted living is increasing. It is one of the best options for elders or people who need assistance in their everyday life.

Housing has become one the biggest concerns for most seniors. The expenses of houses including the rents, utility costs, repairs, and mortgages are very difficult to manage especially for low income elders.

About 37% seniors above 80 years have to use about 30 % of their income on house expenditure. However, the suggested amount to be spent on housing by anyone should be less than 25%. So, it is crucial to look for a solution. The simple solution is to look for senior housing that is affordable for most seniors and can fulfill their needs in a better way.

Most people live healthy and long lives and especially most elders like to live independently in their homes for most of their lives. Some of the signs that point towards the need to move into assisted living include:

Americans are living longer and healthier lives than ever and many seniors want to live at their homes for as long as possible. However, there are certain signs that may indicate it’s time to move to assisted living.

  • When you start feeling lonely or isolated especially when you have health issues. You may develop depression that can deteriorate your health. So to avoid these problems and to keep yourself mentally healthy moving to an assisted living would be a great idea.
  • AARP states that about 70 million or more people over 50 years in age in America have one or more chronic illnesses. These chronic conditions make most elders frail and at risk to other conditions that put them in danger. It is better to move to assisted living where someone can take care of you and prevent any crisis.
  • As the age increases it becomes more and more difficult to manage bills or rents as they are mostly not well enough to take notice of the deadlines. There is also a risk of scams and debts. To avoid these issues a better solution would be to get the benefit of assisted living.
  • One of the major issues related to most senior is hoarding which puts them in danger of falling or block the responders in case of emergency, likely to cause a fire hazard, or even lead to development of disease due to unhygienic living conditions.
  • Aging can make it difficult for most elders to maintain cleanliness which can affect their health. With increasing age it becomes more difficult for elders to take baths, comb their hair or cut their nails. With assisted living you can simple stop worrying about these problems.

Over 55 Communities

55+ communities are the best option for the active adults wanting to accompany other with unanimous and healthy people near retirement or at retirement age. Most of the 55+ Communities are situated in warmer locations offering fun lifestyle.

These communities are designed such that the residents with mature mind can enjoy living in them. They consider everything from floor plans to amenities, and resources that might be suitable for elders. However all of these do not have a fixed age requirement. True 55+ communities have age restrictions, entailing that only a person of 55 years or older can purchase property there. Nonetheless younger visitors are also welcome.[i]

Some common 55+ communities include:

  • James Plantation located in Southport, North Carolina has homes and Condos ranging from $100K to $1.5M while the lots can costs you about $60K – 500K.
  • Villages of Citrus Hills located in Hernando, Florida is a richer community with resort styled homes for living ranging from $400K to $1.5M.
  • Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick, South Carolina offer homes in $200s to $900K while lots can cost you about $20K to $300K.
  • The Courtyards on Lawyers Road located in North Carolina provide active adult living in a cost of about $300K.
  • Belmont Bay in Woodbridge, Virginia offer active adult homes in a price ranging from $604,990 to $614,990.
  • Sterling on the Lake in Georgia is a 55+ community that offers homes ranging from $280K to about $700K.

Affordable Senior Housing

Some seniors cannot afford expensive living facilities. There are various senior living facilities that are not only affordable but also help the seniors in daily activities, healthcare and various other services. Some of the affordable senior housing choices which may come in your budget include:

Low-Income Senior Apartments – these are residency apartments for elders who have a low income. You can simply apply for low income senior living apartments through organizations and show them the proof of your needs.

Cooperative Housing – these are mostly rented apartments where different people can help out by giving some money. In these apartments different seniors cooperate with each other in performing tasks such as daily chores like cleaning and handling simple household activities. In this way the life in these apartments becomes less expensive.

HUD Housing for Seniors – these are apartments or townhomes for senior usually appointed by government. If a senior is eligible, he can apply for them and after confirming that all the criteria are met they are provided with apartments.

Adult Foster Care – these resemble the foster homes for children instead they are for adults or seniors who might need assistance. They are usually approved and licensed homes that are monitored by the Department of Family Services. Different supervisors and a team including counselors, nurses, and social workers manage these homes. These homes are a best choice for people or elders who want assisted living as well as medical attention. [ii]

Benefits of Assisted Living

Different benefits of assisted living include:

Assisted living reduced the risk of isolation and prevents the elders from developing depression. Assisted living helps the seniors to keep a healthy mental condition without feeling isolated or lonely.

Assisted living homes provide care and professional management. The teams handle the daily chores of the elders without them worrying about it.

Through assisted living most elders can enjoy independence without their family members worrying about them.[iii]

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