Styling your hair is an art. Selecting a hairstyle based on the type of hair is essential. Hair styles can be different according men and women and also for different lengths.[i]

There are many reasons for which a person should chose a proper hairstyle which will not only enhance their beauty but will also suit their personality. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Enhancement of beauty and personality:

This one is the foremost important reason to choose a good hair style because a right hairstyle would not only enhance the looks but the personality as well. The basic hair style which goes on from the childhood or the adolescence period might look good on a few people who have not changed it yet since ages. But this can be their only perspective as they have not tried new hair styles yet. If a person has a basic office job then a professional hairdo would suit them better. But if someone belongs to entertainment section then modern and trendy hairstyles would suit better.

  • Hairstyle according to face cut:

The hairstyles chosen by a person must match their face cut so that it better suit them. For that it is appropriate to do a little research on the fact that what hairstyle matches your face cut.

  • Hair type:

The hairstyle chosen must be in accordance with the hair type of the person. Such as that a regular hairstyle might night look appropriate for curly hair. In the same way the density and volume of hair have a great impact on the fact that what kind of hairstyle should be chosen.[ii]

Hairstyles for Women:

Although there is nothing wrong to have basic hairstyles such as straightened hair or regular loose curls and tie those in a high knot or a ponytail but a styled cut and a different hairstyle can be a total game changer for your personality.

  • Trendy hair styles for long hair:

Following are some of the cool and trendy hairstyles for women with long hair:

  1. Double buns

Let’s just all forget about the messy bun or a messy top knot. Making double buns with sectioned hair can lead to an amazing hair style. They just give a cool and cute look to a person. Just the two buns with some bangs on the face can just make you look all trendy and amazing.

  1. Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is not only an easy hair style but it gives you a neat look. It can be chosen on a formal occasion or for a go to office look. Just tighten or loosen the twist depending on your comfort or the style you want.

  1. Half bun

A half bun gives a classy chick look. With just half the hair tied and half loosen up free this sets up a trendy look for a cool party or gathering.

  1. Twisted Crown

A twisted crown is a cool and pretty hair style for people with long hair. It can be worn on summer weddings or on a cool weekend party.

  1. Flower Braid

A cute flower brad can be a pretty good option whenever you are in hurry just make braid put it in a bun and let half of the hair go free.

  1. Beach waves

Beach waves is the most fun hair style which anyone can wear on a summer evening or a Sunday party. It is just too cool and easy to create.

  1. Straight and sleek

The straight and perfectly sleek hair are the star of the show for long and healthy hair. The best part is that this can be worn anywhere at any time.

  1. Rope pony Tail

The rope pony tail is always there to create a cool and sporty look.

  • Trendy hair styles for short hair:

Some of the trendy hair styles for women with short hair are explained as follows:

  1. Half top knot

This one is just a cool and easy one for a short hair person.

  1. French twist

A bit difficult but gives a classy look. Can be worn on weddings and formal functions.

  1. Criss Cross Braid

This one gives a look of a bun. Such formal looks can be worn in office meetings.

  1. Half twist

A half twist is another go to look and hairstyle for short hair people.

  1. Braided bangs

Braided pans are a cute option. They are also easy to make. Can be worn on parties.

  1. Half low bun

This one is cool hairstyle for a beach or sunny day.

  1. Braided roll

This is a very neat hairstyles more appropriate for weddings. It’s better to get it done from a professional.

  1. Half-crown braid

Half-crown braid is a cool option in summers. Gives a trendy and creative look.

Hairstyles for Men:

There are certain hairstyles of men that don’t go out of fashion any way. Certain modern hairstyles which are timeless to do or get done which are explained as follows:

  1. Undercut hairstyle:

This hairstyle is short on the top and long on the top part of head. This can work for men with different hair types such as curly or straight and even wavy.

  1. Side-part hairstyle:

This one is a basic hairstyle and a go to one for most of the men. This hair style is most suitable for people with straight and thick hair.

  1. Short curly hair with trimmed beard:

This classic hair style to get a solid look in this era. A neat beard alongside gives a trendy look.

  1. Caesar Cut

This cut has been in fashion since the time of Roman Emperors. This one is the best suited for guys with wavy hair.

  1. Messy Waves Hairstyle:

This hairstyle requires a lot of attention and maintenance. Just the use of right amount of products can yield a cool look.

  1. Short Dreads:

This one is a cool and trendy hairstyle but it is trickier to handle so it is best to get it done from professional hairstylist.

  1. Long wavy hair:

This hairstyle is now in fashion. Guys with longer face and sharp face cut look the best in this one.