There are different types of attorneys according to the specific legal matter they have expertise in.

You may need an attorney for handling any personal injury or you might want to handle your estate plan. So you have to select one on the basis of the purpose you need him for. Different attorneys are divided into different categories on the basis of the area they specialize in. This article will give you comprehensive guidance about the types of attorneys and what they practice in. Also, if you want to be an attorney you might need to know their wages and what there area of interest is.

Some different attorneys and their salaries are as follows:

1.Personal Injury Attorney

These attorneys play a vital role in reserving the legal rights of injured people and families of these people to compensate them at such times. These people are important personnel in case anyone gets injured and deserves to be compensated for the loss. In most instances, the personal injury attorney is required for accident cases to prove that the accident happened because of someone else’s neglect. These attorney’s help to recover your lose to some extent and settle the problem. The approximate salary of the personal injury attorney is $73,000.[i]

2.Real Estate Attorney

As the name indicates these attorneys are concerned with issues relating to real estate. They perform legal services for people having issues related to property transactions. Most States such as Georgia, New York and Mississippi require that property transactions must be handled by the attorneys. Not only do they buy and sell the legal property but are also specialized in handling family asset sharing issues. Real estate attorneys solve the complications related to real estate whether it is commercial or residential. Real Estate Attorney’s earn about $118,000.

3.Bankruptcy Attorney

If you need an assistance relating to bankruptcy, you must consider a bankruptcy attorney. These attorneys are responsible for protecting your assets from people collecting debts and assist you in relieving your financial obligations. They know and handle matters more properly than you and may counsel you legally in a right way. Although you can file a backruptcy case by yourself but a bankruptcy attorney will do it better. These attorneys can represent your case in a more refined manner. The salary of bankruptcy attorney is about $113,000.

4.Intellectual Property Lawyer

These attorneys are responsible for ensuring the legal protection of your ideas as well as your products. For instance the logos of some of the famous brands or cafes come under the Intellectual Property law.   If you are a scientist or a game developer you may need the assistance of a patent attorney who will ensure your rights as the owner of the idea or the game. The federal government grants these rights. In short, an IP attorney protects an individual’s idea, original work, or invention. Songs, novels, books, videos, and games also come under the copyright regulations and laws. Intellectual Property attorneys earn a salary of $162,000.

5.Corporate Attorney

You may have watched movies about attorneys with a high power who represent top notch companies. Well the corporate attorney is one of those individuals. They handle matters of large corporations hence the name. Not only that but they represent the high scale businesses. However they may also represent the smaller businesses or corporations. They work in large scope law firms and their practice include negotiating matters, reviewing of the contracts, handling of agreements, preparing drafts and conducting transactions. The salary of a corporate attorney is around $66,000 to $170,000.

6.Family Attorney

A Family attorney, as implicated by the name, resolve legal matters that impact your family. They help in matters such as adoption, custody, or divorce. So you can see that family attorneys are very important in solving some pressing family matters. The salary of family lawyer ranges from $48,000 to $80,000.

7.Immigration Attorney

This type of attorney is specialized in handling matters related to immigration and citizenship. They remove the obstacles mostly experienced by the immigrants and help in removing language barriers, handling the paperwork and even the applications for citizenship. So these attorneys play a crucial role in reuniting the family members, help people going through the issues of deportation and matters concerning immigration. An Immigration Lawyer can earn around $80,000 to $85,000.

8.General Practice Attorney

As the name indicates a general practice attorney is a crackerjack attorney, whose practice is not limited to a specific law area. They do not work for a particular law firm. They provide all kinds of services related to law for example personal injury, criminal defense or real estate. They represent clients with a broad spectrum of law related issues. They either work solo or may have small law firms.  They usually have a lot of experience in different areas and meet all the legal criterions for solving a case. The salary of a general practice attorney is about $118,000.

9.Contract Attorney

These type of attorneys are considered with contract related issues between two or more parties. They are involved in tasks like drafting a contract, handling the legal matters related to the contract, enaction of the contract and negotiation related to the contract. They manage things in a legal and appropriate way. The contract attorney earns a salary of about $91,000.

10.Workers’ Compensation Attorney

These attorneys closely resemble the personal injury attorneys but differ in the way that they are associated with the workers of a company or doing a job. If a worker is injured while doing his job or due to an accident in his workplace these attorney’s help him to get the benefits he is legally entitled to. They also assist in finding whether there was any neglect on the employer’s side due to which the accident might have happened. So they are crucial for getting the rights of workers that are well deserved. A Workers Compensation attorney can earn about $72,000.

11.Tax Attorney

A tax attorney is important for the resolution of any tax related altercation. They solve complicated tax situations and help in avoiding any legal mistakes. These lawyers have the legal knowledge of both local and government related tax matters. The salary of a Tax Attorney is about $96,000.

12.Criminal Attorney

The criminal defense attorneys are associated with the issues regarding criminals. They represent the person charged with a crime, defense of the criminals, pleas and bails. The criminal attorneys have a salary ranging from $45,000 to $130,000.  [ii]