Water damage can be big problem. It can wreck your home and leave your office or commercial building a mess. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, about 1 inch of damage due to water in your house or office can cost you about $25,000 or more.

If you live in an area that is a flood zone or is near coastal line or a river you are more at risk of getting water damage. In case this problem, you need a plan at hand. To address such problems you need to know about the companies that can help you at this time and restore your house. The accumulation of water in your home or office can damage it pretty badly. Not only the paint but also the floors can be destroyed by this water. Also, bacterial and mold growth might occur in the damp areas leading to other problems as well. So you need to get these area dried up fast to prevent the parasitic growth.

There are different companies that offer water damage restoration. They not only remove the accumulated water from your residence but also offer to clean it up, dry it out and dehumidify it. They restore your house and your personal belongings. If you have carpets in your home, they are needed to be removed and also sometimes the damage may extend to the walls which are then needed to repair. All these services are provided by the water damage restorers.

There are a lot of water damage restoration companies in the whole State which cover both minor and major cities across the United States. Most of these companies provide 24/7 emergency response, work in teams, and provide services for both residential and commercial buildings.

ServiceMaster Restore is selected as best nationwide service provider as it is located at more than 1,200 areas in the United States. Service Team of Professionals is well known among the users for its quick responses (they arrive within the time of 90 minutes or even less). The Delta Restoration Services were selected as customer friendly due to the live chat assistance that they provide within minutes of your call. PuroClean has been selected as best company overall due to its extensive 24 hourly services that they provide all 7 days of a week through their emergency hotline.

This article will guide you about the different companies for water damage restoration, their services, costs and how to choose them. So, some of the best water damage restoration companies are listed below.[i]


PuroClean offers services all over the US and Canada to house owners, companies, commercial building, as well as property managers. They are located at about 280 areas nationwide. Their restoration services comprise of removal of the accumulated water, its emergency extraction, restoration of carpets, drying of homes, dehumidification and also deodoration. They have a QuickDry System which can save about 15% – 40% of cost from insurance claim. They can restore your home in as less as 3 days. Their technical team evaluates the extents of damage either visible or unseen damage by the help of machines like moisture detectors or the hygrometers. The company operates 24/7 and provides assistance by emergency hotline.

ServiceMaster Restore

ServiceMaster Restore assist in the clean up of both houses as well as commercial buildings. They aid in removing and drying water, your content and also your documents and many other areas. They repair any water damaged pipes, leaking roofs, flooded basement, and contamination or sewage problems related to water damage. The company’s restoration technical team tests your residence to check the damage and to ensure that everything is dried or not. They also make sure that their customers are satisfied and the whole process has been communicated to the customer so that there is no dissatisfaction. They can also give you an estimate after onsite inspection.[ii]


Amerestore founded in 1989, is located in 24 states.  It offers water damage restoration facility, cleaning services after storms or hurricanes and a lot more. They deliver emergency services 24/7 by certified workers. They can get your place back to normal without you being worried. Their workers are certified from IICRC. This company follows the guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


BMS CAT 1948 started offering water damage restoration services after a hurricane hit Texas. They are located at 34 areas in the U.S. Their call center is operating 24/7 thus they dispatch a restoration team as soon as you call. Their team assesses the damage and determine what measures should be taken. Then they move your belongings and work their wonders. They clean up and help to recover your stuff.  The BMS CAT team works with various insurance providers and can give you a quote after you contact their office.

Delta Restoration Services

The Delta Restoration Services provide a customer friendly service by providing live chat assistance within minutes of your call. They restore different residential buildings as well as commercial ones and repair any damage that might have occurred due to water accumulation. This company was founded in 2006 in Denver. They help you by providing you a comprehensive restoration plan and an estimate for their services.

Service Team of Professional

Service Team of Professionals offer full cleaning and water removing services. They help in drying your house and reconstructing wherever it is required. They use submersible pumps and advanced extraction tools to remove water as soon as possible. Also, they use professional fans and dehumidifiers to dry the area. There emergency hotline is available 24/7 arriving in only 90 min or less depending on your location and provide you an action plan.

Common Water Restoration Services

Some of the most common services provided by these companies include:

  • Containment of damage,
  • Water removal,
  • Cleaning up,
  • Drying,
  • Dehumidification,
  • Repair,
  • Restoration and reconstruction

Cost of Water Restoration Services

The total costs of these services based on how severe the damage is and what might be the cause behind it. However, according to a rough idea the removal of accumulated water, drying up and dehumidifying usually costs ranging from $1,500 up to $2,000. This cost may go up to $25,000 or even more according to the size of your house or office and its location.

Most insurance policies cover the costs of water damage restoration however it may depend on how this damage occurred in the first place. For instance, the insurance policy will not cover the cost if the damage was due to flooding or due to your personal neglect. However, if you reside in a flood zone you may apply for a separate policy to cover the damage for example The National Flood Insurance Program flood insurance.[iii]

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