Many large scale providers have developed ‘Senior Cell Phone Plans” which are specifically designed for senior citizens according to their needs.

Many senior citizens who are fed up of paying extra money for cell phone services and are need of such cell phone plans which are more affordable and simpler. A lot of cell phone service providers have designed plans which could be customized according to the individual needs of older age people. The advantage of such cell phone services is that they are easy to adapt and are readily available. Different arrangements could be done to meet the requirements of different age groups. Such plans are truly affordable and even some them are in range of 10$. The thing here is that such an option can help in the moderation of money spent on cellphone bundles. These can help in saving hundreds of dollars monthly and even thousands over a year.

Almost every elderly person owns a cellphone these days. So many cell phone providers made such cell phone plans which were specific for the older generation as in this modern era there are very high standard features in our mobile phones such as high speed internet, mobile hot-spot, video calling etc. Such features are rarely useful for older people as they need cell phones mostly to stay connected to their loved ones or to get help in emergency situations.  So in this way they require cell phone plans according to their needs so that they don’t have to pay extra for features which they are not using. [i]

Senior Cell Phone Providers and Their Costs

  1. T-Mobile:

This provider offers boundless information, talk-time and texting on their entire arrangements in comparison to other service providers which only offer the call bundles in their network. Their plans also include 50GB data that allows browsing of around 2500 hours which is more than enough for any person. Moreover, the plans offered by T-Mobile are free from any additional costs and also prevents the automatic deduction of charges through autopay so no charges would be deducted straight from the bank. Various plans are available which includes high loads and choosing the best one among them can be difficult. T-Mobile on the other hand has plans which are crystal clear and easier to understand. Their basic bundle is around $27.50 per month through which one can easily use all the features of mobile phones. They offer their packages for almost all types of devices which is one the feature of their services which can also incorporate basic phone companies such as Samsung or Apple phones.

The cost of the T-Mobile service providers is ranging in between $27-$45 in a consistent manner. In this each package consists of limitless testing amd talk-time plus Data for internet usage.

  1. GreatCall:

This service provider provides plans which are age obliged and are great for senior citizens. They offer two vital phones which are Lively Flip and Jitterbug Smart2. These handsets are programmed in such a way that they can fulfill all the needs of senior citizens. They offer such smooth and up to date plans which are more adaptable for elder people. They features of two of the phones offered by this organization are as follows:

  • Lively Flip: This phone has an uncomplicated format and it is very easy to use and is totally suitable for elderly people. The costs of the plans they offer start at around $15 each month and they offer 200 talk time minutes and 300 messages only in $3 each month. The installation and the purchase of this phone will cost only $99 which is just a onetime cost. The monthly plans would only require $15 or $3 for calling and texting respectively.
  • Jitterbug Smart2: This cellphone is also quite similar to Lively Flip but this one is extravagantly easier to use for elder people. This gadget is specifically planned in such a way to help the senior citizens stay in contact which its simple options and features. The plans provided by this organization usually begin at around $15 each month offering 200 talk time minutes and also 300 messages in $3 monthly and they also offer around 40 MBs of mobile data in only $2.5 monthly. The purchase and installation of this device is only $150.
  1. Republic Wireless:

The republic wireless is indubitably designed for senior citizens and it has a lot of highlighted features which are quite reasonable options for old age group people. Republic wireless phone offers 4G LTE services. They offer such options which can enable the fast and strong connections all around America. Besides all the features and plans they provide they are still very competitive with all other providers in the case of rates and performance.

The costs of republic wireless are around $15 each month offering un-limited talk time and messages and extra data could also be added with the plan for only $5 every month.

  1. FreedomPop

They offer plans which are almost free for senior citizens. They achieve this goal through the establishment of a tool in their phones which is Voice over Internet Protocol which is abbreviated as VoIP which is a modified system which uses Skype to make video calls or the audio calls. As this provider is dependent upon other carriers in legal manners. It is extremely reliable and is a very simple option for elder people.

They offer a free of cost 200 talk time after the purchase of their phone at a very reasonable cost.

  1. AT & T

They offer a senior nation plan which includes a customized bundle designed for elder people. They are designed for people of 60 years of age or more. They offer 200 of the network talk time minutes and unlimited on network minutes. They also include 500 minutes at the end of week and also in midnight. They offer all these advantages even with the roaming and also the long distance calls for free. Only hurdle with this one is that it does not offers any mobile data and is limited to basic mobile phones only. On the other hand the advantage here is that they are offering unlimited talk time and messages that too only in $40 per month. They also offer a promotion of 10% off for retired persons of American association for senior plans and a 15% off promotion for the wireless cellphones.

  1. Verizon

This provider offers cellphone packages with a wide range which are uncapped and have shared information. They have the best and wide variety of cellphones that bring enormous carriers to a center. They have mobile phones, Wearable tech devices, smart watches and tablets. They offer a package which is called ‘Go Unlimited 55+’. This can be easily saved by senior citizens as it is readily assessable. But in this plan mobile data services are limited to a few states including Missouri, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Detroit, and also Illinois. There website can be checked in order to gather further information.

The cost of all of their unlimited plans begin from $40 per month.[ii]