The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become very popular in this era. This system becoming important communication tool for businesses.

So what is VoIP basically?

Using an internet protocol system such as VoIP phone calls can be made without the use of landline or even the mobile network. This system makes sure that there is a uniformity in the telephone traffic throughout the world through the utilization of internet. VoIP an already existing internet is utilized so there is no need of infrastructure of a service on its own. So, here in this case the need of using a NT 1 box or ISDN cables is totally unnecessary. VoIP utilizes the similar WIFI or the UTP cables of the internet for enabling the communication. This benefits many organizations as it cuts out the need and costs of unnecessary wires or tools.

Working of VoIP

In the VoIP system instead of the use of electromagnetic waves to send voice sounds they transfer the sound using a packet switched arrangement. Such digital blocks emulate the movements of the waves of speech. So the VoIP converts the sound or the speech into small packages in digital form which could be compared to a small envelope. Then they are given a shipment address and destination. So this is advantageous in two ways. Firstly that similar infrastructure is utilized for sending information and the second one being that if one of the line is not working the small packages could be sent through any other alternative path.

VoIP converts the signals of sound into the digital signals. Then this digital data could be sent easily throughout the world with the utilization of internet that is through the Internet Protocol (IP). So, in this way any phone call from a VoIP phone is sent via a router through internet to the internet provider who sends the data using internet to the internet provider of the area for where the call was made. At that point it is converted into an analog signal which is then sent in analog form to the phone of person to whom the call was made.

The VoIP has many benefits over the regular system as in this case a company can save money by not investing on the inter-office telephone and also it cuts out its maintenance costs. T allows to save 70% costs spent on distribution as different offices of a company can call each other free of cost. VoIP presents as a very cost saving service. It is not only beneficial in financial terms as there is no need of the team members of an office to be in the office to connect to each other rather they can communicate at any part of the world through just the use of internet on their laptops or smartphones.[i]

Best VoIP Companies

  1. Vonage

They are a great option for people who are willing to upgrade to new technology but are still reluctant to start their work with the latest technology of internet protocol. They present wide range of plans for their users. They also provide really good customer support. Their beginning package cost starts from $12.99 each month which includes 400 call minutes to US and Canada with free installation and shipping. For a larger organization this can be upgraded to unlimited calls with a fee of $24.99 to US, Mexico and Canada. This subscription can be easily cancelled at any time.

  1. Ooma

This one is a cheaper option for businesses which are midsized. They present many selling options for VoIP. They have an option of voice compression which can save around 60% of bandwidth. They also offer HD calling which leads to better voice quality. Their voice calls are encrypted so there is good security for information shared. But to avail these services their hardware is need to be bought which is called as $129 and requires a wireless connection. This hardware is called as ‘Ooma Telo Air’. They offer two plans in which their basic plan is free except the taxes. Their premium plan is offered at $9.99 and it comes with a two months free trial period.[ii]



  1. 1-VoIP

They offer good features at a very affordable rate. They provide their own hardware an also offer unlimited call package to Canada and US. They charge around $17.07 each month and there is no monthly commitment. They provide such services which can work for any kind of business. They are even affordable for startup businesses. They offer 500 call time minutes for $8.87 which includes unlimited incoming calls and hardware as well. Their premium package offers features such as automatic blocking of anonymous calls. They also include the option of digital softphone which allow to use the services directly from the personal computer or a laptop.


  1. Voipo

They have a unique payment plan which offers a yearly payment instead of monthly payment manner. They offer a deal of $149 payment for 2 years. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well so that if it is not suitable to an organization they don’t need to be bound for long term. They offer more than 40 deals. There is another great deal with this company that there is no need to buy any hardware. Any existing hardware can be shifted to Voipo easily.

  1. Lingo

There is no much difference in the services provided by other VoIP companies but they provide good VoIP tools at a very reasonable rate. They have a basic plan which starts at around $11.95 monthly. In this basic plan they offer 500 call time minutes to Canada and US. They require no commitments for the service provide it can be discontinued at any time. They charge for the shipping costs and for the adapter along with their fee.  They also offer an unlimited call package which is called as “America Unlimited” which is offered at a price of $24.95 without any contract. They also provide a one month free trial. They have great features like automatic anonymous calls, 911 etc.