The crossovers are becoming more popular among people by the day. They are also known as CUVs the abbreviation for Crossover Utility Vehicles.

The crossovers provide numerous advantages over other cars. They are known for offering adaptability, practicality, versatility and unlimited performance. Although they may resemble SUVs they are actually different. A cross between an SUV and a family Saloon is this vehicle. The similarity in size and shape of these two vehicles confuse most people in distinguishing them. They are different from SUVs in that they are designed to follow the style of a regular car with a bigger size where as an SUV is built in truck style. An SUV is made to drive off roads while a CUV is made for an on road driving purpose. [i]

Like SUVs, CUVs have various models with different features. Here is a list and detailed info about the best rated CUVs that will help you in purchasing the best car which is most suitable for you. These crossovers include different models that have been highly rated by most customers.


Nexo is your best option if you require a compact vehicle. It is not only modern and stylish but also a comfortable ride. The interior and exterior of the car is lavish and up to date. Nexo packs a horsepower of 161 with a fuel cell that is hydrogen powered thus giving it an electric car like drive. The multimedia tech of this vehicle is known to be user friendly. It also provides the features of modest passenger space and an adequate storage capacity. The only downside of this crossover is that it is only available in California. The price of Nexo starts from $58,935 and goes up to $64,407.


This is a compact 4 wheel drive offering a smooth handling and variable transmission. It has lavish and beautiful style. It packs a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. According to the customer reviews, the cabin space is somewhat average and the space for cargo is also limited. Eclipse Cross has a horse power of 152 hp and a 5/5 seating. However the downside is the material of the interior that has been pointed out to be somewhat cheaper. The price range of this ride is $20,503 to $22,995.


GMC Terrain is a handsomely styled compact drive rivaling Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4. The price of this 4 wheeler ranges from $25,000 to $28,111. It comes with a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with a horsepower of 170 hp. It provides the benefits of front seats with ventilation and heat, 19 inch wheels, auto parking tech, 360˚ rotating camera, affordability as well as comfortable seating. However, reviews of most customers have shown that Terrain has an interior which is not free of road or drive noise.


This CUV is a blend of lavish, stylish, fashionable features. It has an appealing appearance, latest infotainment system and the benefit of fuel economy. It comes with a standard turbocharged 4-cylinders 1.5 liter engine. It comes in the mid-size category of CUVs with a spacious cabin area and but lesser storage area for cargo. This all wheel drive packs a horsepower of 170. However reviews from customers have pointed out that this ride does not offer a smooth transmission tuning and has used an inferior material and quality. The price range of this ride is $23,800 to $26,839.


Toyota Rav is a luxurious subcompact CUV. This car packs an engine that is 2.5 liter four-cylinder with a horsepower of 203 providing fuel efficiency and economy. It offers the benefits of fuel economy and refined tires with exceptional suspensions. It has a large cabin that can accommodate 4 adults as well as generous area for cargo. Some reviews from the customers have pointed out a few flaws such less agile ride, a drivetrain that is not refined, and a crashy ride. The price range of this car is around $25,950 to $30,403.


Volkswagen Tiguan is another CUV of compact utility. It consists of an engine that is turbocharged four-cylinder 2 liter TSI providing fuel efficiency as well as composed handling and speed. The horsepower of this car is about 184 hp. It offers the advantages of excellent performance however the style is somewhat simple yet practical. Reviews show that it has a spacious cabin with a space for an adequate accommodation for both passengers and storage. Some reviews from the customers have pointed out a few downsides such as the old styled interior and unrefined driving dynamics. The price range of this car is around $25,245 to $28,385.[ii]


Mazda CX-5 is another highly rated compact crossover vehicle having a lavish and modern exterior. It offers refined driver dynamics and an automatic transmission. The interior just like exterior is reviewed for being stylish and bold. Mazda packs a horsepower of 187 hp. It has a standard 4 cylinder turbocharged engine offering a sleek and powerful drive. It has an up to date infotainment system with a larger 10 inch screen. However the downside of this ride is the limited cargo area. The price of Mazda CX 5 ranges from $26,545 to $38,680.


Honda CR-V is another crossover from the compact size category. It has a versatile and exceptionally beautiful design. The handling is also very impressive giving the riders a smooth, comfortable, and breathtaking experience. It contains a four-cylinder powertrain turbocharged engine or a hybrid engine giving it a sleek drive and fuel economy. It has a large and spacious cabin with a 5/5 seating and a spacious area for cargo. It also has an excellent safety technology. The slow infotainment system is the negative point. The price range of this SUV is from $25,350 to $28,416.


Ford Bronco is a compact CUV. It is one of the affordable rides having a price range of $27,265 to $30,862. It consists of a 1.5 liter turbo 4 cylinder engine with a horsepower of 181. It gives a sturdy off the road as well as on the road experience. The interior of this vehicle is comfortable but a little less spacious. This vehicle has heads turning in its direction due to the sporty look. The only downside is the cabin material of lesser quality.