During present times where everybody is busy it is difficult to take out time to visit each other and communicate for businesses or even for friendly meet ups.

However these communication barriers have been removed by the world of internet mailing. Now the companies can communicate with their clients, employees can communicate with their employers and people can communicate with each other without visiting them personally or without spending too much money. You can simply send information through emails wherever you want within a minute.

Email services can be of two different scopes either for simple communication such as a student sending his assignment to his teacher or it could be for business purposes. The business world requires more secure and professional email service that could surpass scammers or viruses and can be credible for the business.

There are different email service providers other than free services like Gmail. These services cost you per month or annually and provide you a safe means of communication with the clients or stakeholders. A few benefits of these email services include:

  • Overcome communication barriers
  • Are more professional
  • Enhanced Credibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Provide custom storage space
  • Allows companies to use logos on email accounts

Some of the top rated service providers for businesses include G Suite, Intermedia, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Small Business, IceWarp, Kerio Connect email services.

Business Email Services

Most businesses require these services for the purpose of introducing their ideas or products to the users, to communicate the latest deals or promotions to users or to notify people about special discounts on their products. To clients they may want to send information about their new policies or projects. All of this they can do through emails in a very economical way.

Another benefit is that a company can send the mail to a larger population at same time. So for this purpose most businesses have to contact different email service providers and select one on the basis of their needs and budgets. However, choosing from such diverse options may be a little difficult so this article might assist you in choosing what you need. You can look at all the functions, features and costs of their email service providers and select one of them that you find to be the most suitable.

Most of the email services will offer you a domain name representing the name of your company in the email ID such as instead of @gmail.com there will be the name of your company or what you might prefer. That helps in giving your email address a professional impression.

Features of Business Email Services

There are many features provided by the business email services which distinguish them from other services. These include:

Security – the most vital feature of this service is the security that they provide for your professional mails. They keep your data safe from hackers or other malicious rivals who are seeking a chance to steal your sensitive data. These services also offer backups for your emails in their subscription.

Virus Protection – viruses can corrupt your data and harm your devices. On the other side spam can accumulate in your inbox wasting storage space as well as your time. So to keep away from these problems service providers are the best way.

Storage – for small or large businesses covering a large customer database space is a big issue. To make sure that you have adequate storage space for your emails without archiving them you must connect with the business email service provider.

Support Services – one of the major benefits of email services is that there is no need for you to hire a technical team for administration purposes. Most of the issues will be handled by the service providers.

Accessibility – another advantage of these services is that you can access your emails wherever and whenever you want. You can access your emails through your computer or even with your mobile.

Top Rated Email Service Providers

G Suite

G Suite provides the services of Gmail business email, processing of word, cloud storage, shareable calendars, video conferencing and other software for collaboration. The employees from different areas can share their data and collaborate with each other through this service. G Suite makes it easier to work in teams efficiently. Through this service you can chat in teams, manage your devices, analyze reports, make surveys, and schedule meetings.

Costs: For basic users the price is $5 per month, for a business it is $10 per user monthly and for an Enterprise it may cost about $25 per user monthly.


Office 365

Both the smaller and larger businesses can use this service. This service is designed to integrate different applications such as Ms Word, Ms Excel, and Ms PowerPoint etc. Different users can collaborate efficiently and economically. This email provider offers meeting and collaboration tools, online applications, storage and file sharing, instant message and call service.

Costs: For Office Business the price is $8.25 per month for one user, for Business Premium it is $12.5 per user monthly and for Business Essential it costs about $5 per user monthly.


A free service for email provision is the Outlook through which you can not only stay on top but also use several features such as auto organization by managing your files and inbox. You can also block mails from unwanted websites or persons by this service.[i]

Yahoo Small Business

If you are an Entrepreneur with a small business this is your best choice. This is one of the most trusted email services that keeps your sensitive data secure and manages you mails and files.

Kerio Connect

This is an enterprise level email service provider. It is designed for smaller or medium businesses. It offers the vital features of email security, calendar, task and email management, integration of apps, and contact handling. They offer pricing on requests.


It is a cloud-based email service provider with different features like VoIP, file backup, productivity, sharing data, SIP trunking, video conference and management of files. All of these services are available through a sole provider. This email service provider offer prices on quote.


Icewarp is an email and collaboration management solution offering business emailing, team chats and storage documents. It secures your professional emails and plans. It has various features that come in handy in a business such as comments and file sharing.

Cost: the price of Cloud Life (Standard & Professional) starts from $2.5 while the licensing and subscription starts from $2.   [ii]


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