There are many places where you can find scrap metal. Not only can you find scrap metal but also sell it for money.

You will be surprised to find out many areas you can find scrap metal in. Here are a few areas where you can get scrap metal:

Your house – the most common place where you can get some scrap metals is your own home. You use different everyday items that are made of scrapable metals. These metals when become worn out you can simple collect them for scraping instead of just discarding them. Various kitchen items such as cans, tins or utensils are made up of metal such as copper or aluminum which you can sell.

Garages – different car garages and sheds have a lot of scrap metal. Especially the ones dealing with cars and scrap. You can take the scrap metal from them when they clean up or when they are discarding their waste. You can sell this scrap in a modest amount and earn some money.

Shops – various shops that sell machines and other appliances also have a lot of scrap metal which they usually send to metal dealers. You can simply take this scrap metal from them at a price that is more competitive.

Junkyards – sites that deal with the junk and dump usually have various scrap metals that you can sell at a reasonable price. However, you need to offer them a competitive sum to get this metal.

Scrap Metal Companies – there are various companies that you can contact to get different metallic objects and materials to get them scraped. These metals are in different shapes or types. They can either be brass or copper or even be aluminum. Mostly traders get these metals and run large businesses in this way.

Garage Sales –  typically most people sell metals from their houses at a small sum. You can simply negotiate with them and get this metal from them. The house metals usually include appliances, metal equipment and various other things like furniture made up of metals.

Community – another way to get scrap metal is by helping in community cleaning. Here you can come across different scrapable metals. Keep track of different community clean ups so that you can try your luck.

Bulk Garbage Collection – in some instances the garbage collection workers pickup bulk metals from different areas such as grilling equipment, electronic appliances etc. you can look out for these days and simply take a step to get these metals from the collectors at a good price.

Online Platform – internet is the best solution to most problems nowadays. You can simply surf the internet and check different websites that sell scrap metal. You can get scrap metal at a cheaper price as compared to most other places and usually these are delivered at your doorstep. So this is one of the major and easy ways to get metal.

College and institutions – various study institutes such as campuses for colleges are important sites to get scrap metal. Most college student when get rid of the waste from the hostels usually throw out a lot of metallic materials such as bunk beds, tables or chairs made up of metal.

Festivals – there are a lot of scrap metals used at different events such as fairs or other festivities. You can get this metal content from these event managers which will help them to get rid of their waste and also help you in getting large amounts of scrap metals. You can get these metals and resell them at modest prices.

Recreation Centers – recreation areas such as playgrounds with metallic materials such as swings and different sport centers have metals such as sport contents for example bats made of aluminum or rackets made of metal usually discard these after a set time interval. You can contact their management and get permission from them to take these metals either without any cost or at a competitive cost.

Residents – some homeowners and different residents also get rid of their belongings made of metal like appliances, lawn materials, and machines. You can ask them to give these metals to you at a good cost and resell them at a higher price.

Mobile – getting scrap metal is as easy as shopping for an online product now. You can access scrap metals by using your smartphone. There are some apps available on the playstore or you can simple surf through your browser for these apps. These apps can be used access scrap metals and purchase them at low costs.

Restaurants – the major area for getting bulk of scrap metal is the restaurant. There is a great variety of metal utensils at restaurants. From the spoons to different machines used in these places are made of metals. Even the countertops in their kitchens are made up of metal which you can get as scrap and resell them if you want at a higher cost.

Bakery – same as the restaurants bakeries also use various steel equipment which they discard after some time of use or after a set time. So, one way to get scrap metal is the bakeries.

Construction Sites – there is a large amount of metal on the sites where there is renovation or construction happening. You can contact the owners and ask them to give you the scrap metal.[i]

Benefits of Scraping Metal

  1. Environmental benefits – the recycling of scrap metal can have a very positive effect on the environment. The metal or waste that is otherwise incinerated can fill the air with smoke and chemicals. Reusing it can save the environment and keep the atmosphere cleaner.
  2. Conservation of Energy – a major benefit of scraping metal and then getting it recycled can help to conserves energy resources. Recycling of metal can save about 95% of energy consumption.
  3. Jobs – a major economical advantage of recycling the scraping metal is that a large amount of people get jobs and become employed.
  4. Earn Money – you can earn a lot of money by recycling the scrap metal. There are many people who are actually running vast businesses by trading metal.
  5. Saving Space – keeping the scrap metal in the homes or buildings consumes a lot of space. By taking the scrap metal out of the homes and giving them to people who can recycle them you can save a lot of space.[ii]