The streaming services are evolving continuously with Netflix providing top content and HBO Max offering the best movies and videos. Amazon Prime is also ascending up the list of best streaming services after the acquisition of MGM. Another considerable streaming service is being provided by Disney Plus that offers different deals such as Black Friday deal where its price becomes as low as $2.

These streaming services not only provide you with top-notch content but also provide these services at affordable prices. They cost you on a monthly basis and some of them also give yearly deals. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you deem fit making it a flexible and customizable choice. You can stream live shows and sports whenever you want. So, sit back and relax! This article will guide all about the best streaming services and their prices. You can choose the service you deem suitable for yourself. [i]

With these services the cable box is becoming a thing of past. The cable box is being substituted by streaming devices and smart TVs. With time Chromecast and Rokus is becoming a new trend. This article will provide you comprehensive information about what is trending and what might be the best option for you.

How to choose

With all these options you may become confused about what to choose. Here is a solution; you can choose more than one option depending upon your budget and your liking. The best service would be the one that provides the content that you are more interested in. If you are not a choosy person you might need a service that streams diverse content. Netflix is one of those services that are diverse and versatile. They appeal all kinds of audiences and are not meant for people of particular taste. That is probably why most people like it and have subscribed to it.

Netflix is one of the networks that does not only provide original hit movies and shows like The Platform 2020, The Wrong Missy and 6 Underground but also stream other shows or movies with license. So you can watch a wide variety of shows and movies with different genres.

Another best choice is HBO Max. This service is also highly rated for its high quality content and exclusive shows. This service is known to premiere the best shows and movies of all times. Not to forget Amazon Prime or Disney Plus which are also being used by most customers and are highly rated for their services and deals.

Types and Prices of Streaming Services


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming sites nowadays. Almost every person has heard about this streaming network. It is the premium store for original entertainment shows and movies. They make scripted and non-scripted original videos including different genres such as fantasy, comedy, sci fiction, and animation. They have created a package containing vast entertainment content with in one place. You can watch a variety of content here from movies of older times to recent hits. However, a downside is that recently Netflix has limited it’s library. So you cannot stream some of the most popular seasons like Friends or Star Wars movies here anymore. There is still a vast collection from which you can choose. So, pickup your popcorn and gather your blanket and start streaming. The per month cost of Netflix is as low as $9 however if you want HD package it will cost you $14 per month. The 4K and HDR version will cost you about $18.


This streaming service is owned by Disney and is best for people who are fans of traditional television.  This streamer not only offers you an access to various originals shows such as Shrill and The Handmaid’s Tale but also provides prime shows streamed on Fox, ABC or Freeform. It also streams feature films. FX was also launched on Hulu in 2020 that allows it to stream various shows and series like Mrs. America. You can also add the service of live TV on Hulu and stream various channels. It also offers the features of recording different videos and movies to a digital video recorder. You can also subscribe to other premium services with Hulu. The ad free version of Hulu costs you about $13 monthly while the one with ads will cost you about $7. The ad free package with live TV will cost you about $71 while the live TV with ads will cost you $64.


Unlike Netflix, Amazon prime does not run a variety of original shows or movies however it does premiere a few comedy or drama shows monthly. This streaming service also allows you to watch several live sports events such as football games. As compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime offers the streaming of wider collection of TV shows as well as movies. Especially if you are a fan of movies or shows from 1970s and 1980s Amazon Prime is your go to streamer. You can also rent or buy some of the movies on Amazon. The annual Prime subscription will cost you about $119 while a monthly subscription will cost you as low as $9.


Who does not know about Youtube. Almost every person kid or an adult is acquainted with youtube. Now youtube also provides a live streaming service known as Youtube TV. This service is owned by Alphabet which is the Parent company of Google. It is well known for its wide variety of content ranging from movies to user created content. It has introduced new entertainment avenues over the time. However, the downside is the number of ads that interrupt you during your movie streaming. The premium version of Youtube is the solution to this problem. This version provides ad-free content where you can watch shows and movies without any interruption. A plus point is the option of downloading the videos you like and watching them whenever you want to watch even without internet. However, youtubeTV is a little different in that it has live channels just like the TV cable package. So we can say that it is a true substitute for cable TV. YouTube TV has more than 3 million subscribers. The monthly cost of YoutubeTV is about $64.99. [ii]