Running is the best athletic option if you do not have an access to the gym. For this you do not need any special equipment. You just need a good pair of running shoes having a good quality.

You need to change your sneakers every 300 to 500 miles so that they work best and do not wear out.

There are various features and factors that you need to focus on when buying a pair of running shoes. If you are not sure on how you figure out these factors here is a quick guide on how to choose:

For instance if you like running numerous miles you will require a pair of shoes with some toe box room for swollen feet and more cushioning ,however, a trail runner will require shoes having more stability with an outsole having firm grip and protect you from slipping.

In case, you need to race for short distances a lightweight pair of running shoes will work the best. And if you like all kinds of running a couple of different pairs are required for different purposes.

After sorting out what you need you can simply contact or visit a shoe store in your area that is specific for running gear. These stores can provide you with all the knowledge you need for buying shoes that will fit and perform best. Some of these stores also have treadmills or indoor running tracks for you to check out your running shoes before purchasing them.

Specific factors that you need to look out in a running shoe include:

Thickness of sole

Thick soles generally provide more cushioning which is best when you need to run more miles at a time. For minimal running or more natural run you can choose shoes with a thin sole. They are intended for people who like to run lesser miles at a time.

Weight of the running shoe

Running shoes with thicker sole or having other stability factors usually are heavy in weight but this might not be the case with some brands. However for racing you will require a lightweight shoe which takes lesser energy and helps you to run faster.

Material of the running shoes

The materials with which the shoes have been made matter a lot depending on the purpose of their use, the weather as well as the climate in which you live. For hot weather, shoes with mesh are more suitable as they provide area to breathe while for trails waterproof shoes with a sock-like fit may work best. A thicker sole will be best for running on trails or surfaces that are uneven and for paved surfaces a thinner sole will be more suitable.


Shoe features include another factor that is the measurement of you heel to drop. It refers to the height of your heel in comparison to your toe. This usually influences your foot strike.

Some other factors on which you can choose your running shoes are your budget, goals and your specific foot type.

So here are some of the running shoes that are known and reviewed for their quality and the comfort they provide.

Running Shoes Brands

Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Nike provides all-around shoes especially if you do different workouts during training. These shoes weigh about 10.05 ounces and provide more cushioning thus making them more comfortable. They provide the benefit of being durable and lightweight. You can race for 1 mile or 26 miles with these shoes. They also offer different widths from regular to extra wide for people with different foot types and sizes.[i]


They are best running shoes for people who want cushioning. The Bondi running shoes provide you a natural ride with a weight of about 10.9 ounces. They have an upper knit which is good for hot summer days as it provides ventilation. They also have an APMA Seal of Acceptance. They offer a super-cushioned sole but they may be problematic for some runners making there running uncomfortable. Furthermore they are priced higher.

APMA is the American Podiatric Medical Association. The Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association by this association means that the brand has been recognized for supplying shoes and related products which support foot health, provide comfort, and are safe.

Brooks Ghost 12

These are ideal for runners who want to run long distances. They are lightweight shoes having a weight of about 10.4 ounces. They are not only suitable for running on roads but also for cross training days and treadmill running. They are rated highly about being durable and by people having high arches or even by people having supination issues. However many people have complained about a small or narrow fit.

Asics Gel-Kayano 26

These shows are highly rated for their stability. They are best for especially those people whose foot rolls inward when they step forward. They weigh about 11.1 ounces. They offer the benefits of arch support, midsole firmity, lightweight, comfortability, and stability.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

This pair of running shoes is best for people having wide feet. They weigh only 9.9 ounces. They come with two options wide and extra wide. Their sole has comfortable cushioning giving you a neutral ride.

Mizuno Wave Rider 23

People with high arches shall choose Mizuno running shoes as have a shock absorbing midsole and soft knit providing a sock-like fit and allow your feet to breathe. These shoes are suitable for long distance runners. They are also lightweight about 9.6 ounces.

Nike Zoom Fly 3

Nike Zoom Fly 3 are best for speed with an additional benefit of being lightweight and breathability. Their weight is 9.65 ounces. These shoes are fitted with carbon fiber that gives a responsive feel to the runner. However, some runners have complained that these shoes tend to wear out quickly and have to be replaced.

Altra Torin 4.0 Plush

These runner shoes have a zero drop design which provides the runners with a natural foot motion. The weight of these shoes is 10.1 ounces and they also have the APMA Seal of Acceptance. However some runners have commented that these shoes lack to provide arch support.[ii]