A hearing aid is an electronic device used in people with different degrees of hearing loss.

These are small devices worn in or behind the ear to make sounds louder so that people with hearing loss can listen to sounds and communicate properly.[i]

Where can one buy a hearing aid?

Hearing aids can be bought in three ways which are as follows:

You can simply visit a qualified and licensed audiologist who can diagnose and assist you in purchasing a hearing aid.

Another way to buy a hearing aid is through hearing aid dispensers who are experts in programming hearing.

The third way is to purchase a hearing aid online from highly rated brands or manufacturers.  [ii]

Brands, Manufacturers and Prices of Hearing Aids

  1. Lively

Lively is a manufacturer of hearing aids. This company provides the benefits of customer commitment, quality and prescription-strength products. Lively’s is a brand centered around the user’s needs. They provide personalized hearing aids after performing an online hearing test and customer consultation with an audiologist.

Lively’s battery-powered hearing aids costs about $1,450 per pair while rechargeable-hearing aids costs around $2,000 per pair. The company offers financing options that allow you to pay as little as $65 a month.

Their hearing aids can be adjusted by an audiologist’s consultation or by a phone app. They provide a manufacturer’s warranty of 3-years.

  1. Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo manufactures small and rechargeable hearing aids that become invisible after positioning in ear canal. People having high-frequency hearing loss that is mild to moderate in nature can use their hearing aids. Eargo is a brand for hearing aids that provide the benefits of noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and lifetime customer support.

These hearing aids are rechargeable and cost around $1,500 – $2,950. Eargo provides unlimited repairs and 45 days return policy.

  1. MDHearing Aid

MDHearingAid provide affordable behind-the-ear hearing aids for people with mild-to-moderately severe hearing loss. Their hearing aids have the features including smartphone compatibility, directional microphones, customized hearing settings, noise reduction, and feedback cancellation. The cost of their rechargeable & battery-powered hearing products ranges from $400 to $1,599. They provide a limited basic warranty with a return policy of 45 days.

  1. Phonak Paradise

Most audiologists pick the hearing aid brand Phonak Paradise which provides the features such as customized background noise level, exceptional quality, bluetooth connectivity, high performance technology, affordable price and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. This manufacturer uses autosense technology which adjusts after automatically sensing the sound environment.

Another feature of Phonak is Roger wireless technology which is an accessory brand providing remote microphones and table microphones. These wireless devices improve the speech understanding in case of difficult-to-hear environments.

The Phonak hearing aids cost around $2,698 – $4,798.

  1. Audicus Heaing Aid

Audicus is a brand offering the most affordable hearing aids with the advanced features like Bluetooth compatibility at a reasonable price. Audicus offers you to upload audiogram results and take online hearing test before purchasing their product. A team of audiologists then choose a product that is most suitable for you.

The price range for Audicus hearing aids is $998 – $2,798 with 1-year of manufacturer’s warranty for customers and a 45 day risk-free trial.

  1. Signia Pure Charge&Go X

Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer that offers state of the art hearing devices. You have 10 color and 6 customizable programs options to choose from. They use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that can last upto 20 hours if charged for 4 hours. Charge&Go X provides the most advanced quality of sound and provides an exceptional hearing experience.

You can customize your hearing at any time with Signia’s smartphone app. Signia’s products cost about $2,898 to $4,598 and have a warranty of 3 years.

  1. Signia Silk

Signia Silk is an in-the-ear hearing aid which is small enough to gives you an invisible fit. It is ideal for users suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss however it is not a good choice for people with severe hearing loss. It offers you a hearing experience so natural that you might forget that you have it in your ear.  It costs about $2,898 – $4,398 and comes with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and 45-day risk-free trial.

  1. ReSound One

ReSound One is a rechargeable hearing aid that allows you to wear it without changing the batteries. They offer longest lasting battery lasting over 30 hours even with continued use. Also you can charge them without having to plug them in an outlet as the charging case stores charge. ReSound’s app offers you flexibility for enhancing and fine tuning your hearing experience in real time.

The cost of ReSound One is in the range of $3,198 – $4,798. This hearing aid offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Widex Moment

Widex Moment is a hearing aid manufacturer brand best for customers having tinnitus (ringing in the ears). It provides the features of ultrafast sound processing, zen technology, recharging and powered option and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The prices of Widex Moment hearing product are around $2,798 to $4,598.

  1. Starkey Livio AI

Starkey Livio AI has an artificial intelligence providing 2 in 1 features of both a hearing aid and a health tracker. The price range of this hearing device is about $2,898 to $4,098.

  1. Phonak Naida Marvel 90

This hearing aid is ideal for people with severe to profound hearing loss. It is a powerful behind the ear hearing aid providing a clear sound. It has about 20 channels and 4 customizable programs. It offers the benefits of being comfortable and sturdy. Not only that it is easy to maintain and clean and maintain and has long-lasting battery. The bluetooth connectivity offers direct streaming as well as hands-free calls making it easy to communicate. Another winning feature is the excellent sound quality. The cost of an individual aid is $2,299 while a pair can cost about $4,598.

  1. Oticon Opn S hearing aid

Oticon Opn S 1 is one of the top performers in hearing aid market. This model provides the most advanced technology and offers 64 channels, 4 customizable programs, as well as background noise reduction. It is also compatible with iPhone. The price range of Oticon Opn S hearing aid is from $2,495 to $4,599.[iii]

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