During these hectic days with all the business a person needs to have a good night sleep to overcome the tiredness and fatigue and start his day full of energy. But if you do not have a comfortable to bed to lie on a good night sleep becomes almost impossible to get.

A right bed and mattress has a significant effect on your rest and your functioning throughout the day. A right mattress will help you to relax your body and mind while a wrong one will impact your back, shoulders and neck. There is a great chance that you will have a stiff neck or back after you sleep on a wrong type of bed.

According to most physicians sleep is very important for one’s physical and mental health. So, this article will help you to buy a bed that is best suitable for you. You can buy from the best brand and in affordable rates. Here are some different types of beds with their brands and prices:

Types of Beds

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are a considerable choice for people who want comfort as well as style. These beds provide you an ease of adjusting the bed position however you want. You can position the bed to elevate your feet or head. Some of these beds even come with lights and USB ports, thus providing the users with prime features and control.

Brands and Prices of Adjustable Beds

Leggett & Platt S-Cape – Leggett & Platt offer a bed base with a motor that can lift up to 700 lbs. the feet can be lifted up to 45 degrees while the head can be lifted up to 59 degrees. The adjusted of the bed can be controlled by means of wireless remote control. Most users have given positive reviews about this bed for it being easy to use and highly comfortable. The price of this bed ranges from about $1,675 to $2,400.

Lucid L300 – this adjustable bed is the best choice for tech lovers as it offers wireless flashlight with a remote and dual stations for USB charging. This bed offers a custom foundation and upholster bed frame. It has been highly reviewed by most people who like to read at night or use smartphone or devices while lying on the bed. The price of this bed ranges from about $450 to $600.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed – people who are tired of snoring and cannot sleep properly because of this can consider this bed as it can aid in alleviating it. These beds offer body support and high adjustability so people with snoring problem can get a good night’s sleep. The price of this adjustable bed is $662. This bed has been reviewed to be an affordable and comfortable choice for most people.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are made with a goal of occupying lesser space. They are mostly designed in such a way that they save most of the space yet provide a versatile surface for sleeping. There are different types and styles of these beds. Some come with a storage space while some have a folding mattress. However, a standard murphy bed gives a look of furniture when folded.[i]

Brands and Prices of Murphy Beds

Bestar Nebula – they offer bed with additional storage capability and easily adjustability. These beds are available with variety of finishes, dual pistons for folding up the bed and drawers that provide an additional advantage of storing your things easily. The users review about this bed is it being a user friendly option. The price of this bed is about $1,768.

Lori Wall Bed – this bed is the best choice for people who seek value. This bed can accommodate two sleepers easily and provides different orientation options. It can be assembled both horizontally and vertically depending upon the user’s choice. You can buy Lori’s murphy bed in $1,299.[ii]

Sleeper Beds

These are practical beds or sofas that function dually both as a sofa and a bed. They are versatile and come in different styles. There are pullout beds, futon style sofas or fold down ones. These type of beds serve as sofas and may be pull out as beds at nights when some guests arrive or when you need to accommodate extra persons.

Brands and Prices of Sleeper Beds

Novogratz Brittany Linen Futon – the futon styles sleeper bed is a lightweight sofa with a linen upholster and an affordable price. You can buy this sleeper in $410.

CosmoLiving Adley Futon – this is a multifunctional convertible sleeper with metallic legs and a round armrest. This is stylish as well as comfortable. It offers you the functions of a lounger, a sofa and a bed. The price of this convertible bed is about $524.99.

Burrow Nomad Sleeper – this is a sofa that is convertible into a twin-sized bed when required. This is the best choice for people wanting to save some space. It comes with a memory foam and a pillow. They also offer a 30 day return policy. You can buy this sleeper in $1,595.

West Elm Henry Sleeper Sofa – this is a pullout sleeper bed which is the best choice for people who want a classic look and comfort. This sleeper comes with the options of queen sized bed frame or a twin sized bed frame. Also, they offer the choice of mattresses; you can buy one with a memory foam mattress or with a spring mattress. The price of this sleeper is comparatively high ranging from $1,299 to $3,999. [iii]

Foam Beds

There are a lot of options and types of foams mattresses that you can buy depending upon your price range as well as the comfort level you want. There are hybrid foams, latex foams, memory foams, and Gel foams.

Casper Original Mattress – the Casper mattresses are known for providing best memory foams. The reviewers have suggested that these mattresses are firm and offer support to your body.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress – Nectar offers memory foams and gel foams that are best known for their comfort and stability. They also offer a trial and lifetime warranty.

Tuft and Needle Mattress – they provide memory and gel foam mattress which are made from breathable foams and offer a 10 year warranty.


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