If you are looking for an all-wheeler vehicle, there are a lot of options and all of them aren’t pickups or SUVs. Sedan is one of the best luxury four wheeler drive.

In this article you will get a complete guidance about different models of sedans that can be used for different purposes such as family sedan, affordable sedan, or an optional 4WD. For people who want an economical sedan Kia Stinger or Mazda3 can be the best economical purchase with the features of excellent drive dynamics. Not only these but all other options such as Tesla and Porsche having high prices as well as high performance are also discussed in this article.

So here are some top review and rated Sedans currently available in the market.[i]

Hyundai G90

Sedan G90 (2021) has a cabin that resembles that of a Limo and gives cossetting drive. However it provides these features within a lesser price range as compared to other Sedan rivals. It comes with two engine options; Standard Twin-Turbo V6 or 5 liter V8 nonetheless both of these provide a quiet, smooth and serene ride. The cabin of this ride is spacious and convenient with lavish front back seats. It also provides advertorial assistance to the driver thus providing user-oriented guidance. The price of this model starts at about $76,880.


Mercedes Benz S class utilizes of a lavish and ultra-modern technology. It is a flagship sedan of the company in Germany. The S-class model of 2021 has larger fractions, luxurious interior, futuristic safety gear, and some other desirable features. The main features of this sedan include 3D gauge cluster, OLED touchscreen, rear-wheel steering, and active air suspension. All these features make the ride smoother and safer for the traveller in case of an accident. The engine comprises of twin turbocharged powertrains giving you an accelerated drive. However some reviews entail that it might be a little old fashioned because of the lounge look of its rear seats. The Price Range of Mercedes Benz S-Class is $111,350 to $117,700.

Hyundai Accent

This sedan is one of the less expensive models of sedans with a starting price as low as $16000 and may go up to $19,600 for 2021 and 2022 model. Hyundai Accents packs a 1.6-liter 4 cylinder efficient engine with 6 speed manual or CVT. The major attributes of this car include seat that can be adjusted 6 ways, powered windows, heated seats, air conditioning, 7 inch informative touchscreen, and push start button. The Accent Sedan does not lack in styling or a luxurious interior.


The Kia Rio is an economical sedan also sometimes referred to as “econoboxes” yet they are more sophisticated. The Kia has a simple cabin style with a brilliant layout and good materials. Yet they consist of safety features, good handling and refined quality of drive. The price range of 2021 Kia Rio is from $16,050 to $16,990.

On the other side, most people have reviewed that Kia Rio lacks a decent passenger capacity at the back and the truck particularly has less space. The lack of common driver assistance is also a downside.

Hyundai Elantra

Hundai Elantra has bold sporty look with angular details in the exterior with a spacious cabin. The engine of Elantra is a standard 147-hp 4 cylinder powertrain but it is also offering a model with 201-hp turbocharged N Line engine. Some of models also have an available powertrain hybrid. Also, standard driver assists are being offered with some advanced technology options. Most reviews for this sedan are positive. The price range of Hyundai Elantra is around $19,850 to $25,600.

Mazda 3

Mazda is a sedan that can be settled between mainstream or luxury as it has some difficult to compete features. In this four wheeler, you will get a trio of 4 cylinder engines. Mazda 3 is an athletic and efficient compact sedan available in the market with the high tech driver assistance attributes. Above all it provides a first class drive experience. The 3 sedan is available in the price range of around $25,990 op to $42,390.

Honda accord hybrid

Honda accord is one of the best family sedans that you can get in a price ranging from $24,970 to $36,900. The engines comprise of 2 turbocharged 4 cylinder powertrains with another fuel sipping hybrid model. The handling of Accord is effortless and balanced. You can navigate the roads with twists and turns handily while enjoying the journey.  In addition, Accord has a spacious and an accommodating trunk and a back seat that can fit two adult passengers easily for long trips.

Audi A6

Another option for buying a sedan is Audi A6 which comes with a well equipped, comfortable, and spacious ride. A6 offers different display features, cameras, styled cabin, driver assisting attributes, and convenient interior. However customer’s review point out that the handling dynamics are missing that were actually present in the A4 sedan and the 2-door A5. A6 packs a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine called as ‘45’ badge and a ‘55’ turbocharged V-6 both of which have a hybrid system. The A6 is a suitable ride for people who want to commute duty as compared to the ones who want to tackle twisty roads.

Mazda 6

Mazda 6 is another type of sedan that can be settled as luxurious and gives you an expensive feels. Its beauty will definitely have some heads turned in its way. In this four wheeler, you will get a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Another version with a turbo engine which is more potent is also available. Like Mazda 3, Mazda 6 is also an athletic and refined sedan currently available in the market with popular driver assistance attributes. Above all it provides a classy look. This car is available in the price range of around $34,490 to $52,690.[ii]


Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan has a pair of turbocharged 2.9 liter V-6 engine with 505. It rivals other highly rated cars such as Audi RS5 and delivers brilliant handling as well as a beautiful exterior. However reviews show some quality issues experienced after running 40000 miles. The price range of Alfa Romeo starts from $75,050.[iii]

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