Who does not love to swim? Almost every one of you waits for summers so that you can enjoy a swim in water. The ones who do not want to swim can lounge around the pool and sip cool drinks.

A perfect summer entails fun days where you splash around with your friends and swim in a swimming pool. There are many types of swimming pools that you can choose from. All these types have different pros and cons.

A swimming pool in your home can not only be refreshing but also adds a high resale value. It gives a beautiful view to your home and also gives you a plush feel. Here are different types of pool and their prices. You can simply choose the one that suits you the best. So without further delay, let’s dive in.

Inground Pools

One of the most common kinds of pool is the inground one. This type of pool is best for families and also comparatively affordable than the other types. These pools are usually made of vinyl, concrete or fiberglass material. You can customize these pools according to what you like. However, the pools with fiberglass material are a little more expensive but the advantage here is that they cost you a very little maintenance price. The lowest cost is for the vinyl pools which have to be replaced after a period of 5-10 years. The most expensive out of these is the concrete pools which not only take the longest installation time but are also harder to maintain. The only plus point is that they last the longest. [i]

Price – Inground pools can cost you about $28,000 to $55,000 depending on what material you want and the customization needed.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are mostly common as backyard swimming pools. They provide the advantages of being inexpensive, lesser risk of a person falling in, and quicker installation procedure. However people looking for aesthetic feels won’t be happy with these pools as they are not that pleasing to look. Another con is that they do not last for a long duration of time. These types of pools are better for people who have children or family members that can’t swim as they present a lesser risk of falling in or drowning in as compared to the inground pools which are below the ground surface. They come with a variety of features such as jet sprays.

Price – Above-ground pools can cost you about $1,850 to $5,000. In addition, if you add a deck it will cost you about $15 to $30 per square foot.

Lap Pools

These pools are made for the purpose of swimming laps. These are best for people who choose swimming as an exercise. They are not a good option for people who want a family friendly pool. Typically these pools come in a rectangular shape with a length of about 30 to 70 feet. These pools are made such that turns can be made on both ends. They are mostly deep at the ends as well. They present the benefit of being less expensive. The disadvantage is that they are not good for family people. There are two types of lap pools; inground and above ground. The swimmer can simply choose whatever he finds more suitable for himself.

Price – the costs of inground pools mostly range from $20,000 – $70,000. Comparatively, the aboveground lap pools will cost you as less as $3000. The maintenance costs of these pools are also very less as compared to the other pools.

Architectural Pools

As the name entails, these pools are made by an architect and they are very expensive. They are very sophisticated and unique in design. Mostly complicated designs are incorporated in their architecture. The installation time for these pools is also very high and same is the case with the cost of these pools which is quite high. Architects consider different factors such as the symmetry, landscaping, look, and dimension before designing and installing these pools. These pools have an additional benefit of adding a resale value to your house. The downside is the high expanses and lengthy installing process.

Price – The costs of these pools vary according to the architect you hire, design and the size of the pool.

Infinity Pool

These are customized pools that add to the aesthetic view of the building such as resort or other recreational places. These are spectacular pools also known as vanishing edge pools or negative edge pools as their edges gives a look of a waterfall. These pools just like the architectural pools have a complex design and are really expensive. They are mostly present in commercial buildings like hotels or resorts rather than homes.

Price – the infinity pools cost from about $55,000 to $130,000. This price can however increase depending upon how complex the design is.

Natural Pools

This type of a pool is a greener substitute of chlorinated pools as it employs plants instead of chemicals to clean and filter the pool water. Usually there are two areas in these pools; one is the swimming area while the other is the regeneration area. The later is there for the cleaning of the pool water and it contains aquatic plants for this purpose. Because of the presence of two areas this pool takes up a lot of space. The system of this pool is somewhat complex and requires routine maintenance. Also it takes a higher time to install natural pools.

Price – these pools can cost you about $50,000 to $100,000. However, the maintenance cost are lesser than the ones for the pools that require chemical treatment.

Saltwater Pools

These are simple swimming pools without any specific or complex design. A chlorinated pool can also be converted into a saltwater one. The saltwater pool in not only cheaper than the natural pool but also better for skin. People find it to be more gentle for skin. Also, the maintenance fees for this pool are lower.  The only downside is the lack of a plush design or structure.

Price – you can convert a chlorinated pool into saltwater pool in a cost of about $600 to $2,200.[ii]


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