Senior apartments are mostly townhouses that exist within the private societies. The main concern of creating such apartments is to meet all necessities of elderly people.[i]

The communities having senior apartments must have such arrangements such as administration of housekeeping, wellbeing centers for seniors, spas and salons and other settings to create a suitable environment for living of senior people. Most of the senior individuals due to their age factor have hurdles to live inside the homes without any constant help. Movement in certain parts of the house is difficult for them such as on stairs and steps because of their age. Also with age it becomes difficult for them to perform household tasks such as washing and dressing. So many seniors prefer senior apartments which meet their needs and requirements and avoid to live in standard apartments or houses.[ii]

In comparison to a regular house a senior apartment present option such as that they do not need to be taken care of a lot and they can be designed in way that they have already planned portions depending on the requirements of senior citizens. It presents as a good option for seniors to leave their home and shift to a senior apartment because in this way they can save money. Some mid-rises may also have some senior sections but they are age bound and they have facilities like pools and wellbeing centers but they miss important parts such as dining area and also in house clinics etc. The senior apartments which offer all advantages are best of the two worlds for elder people. A living space which allows comfort to an elderly couple while living in a community where neighbors and gym or eating activities are near.

The tenants offering these apartments regularly conduct events to gain interest of senior citizens. As these events have such activities and projects which allow the participation of elderly people. So keeping this part of community and indulgent in society.

Senior Apartments for Low-Income Individuals:

Mostly senior citizens are not financially ready and are depending on the retirement plans. There are certain private projects which are there to facilitate the senior citizens nationwide. These finance programs provide help to the senior citizens in paying the rents and house proprietorship along with the care administration. There are a few communities which can even provide free living programs to low income old individuals. These programs are mostly government helped. The candidates just need to qualify the requirements of these programs. There are two supportive programs which are these to financially help the low income senior citizens which are as follows:

  1. Section 202 Supportive housing scheme for elderly individuals
  2. Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LITHTC)

Section 202 Supportive housing scheme for elderly individuals

This supporting program is suitable for senior citizens who are willing to live alone but they need support to conduct their daily tasks. The essential program only offer the housing to senior people including the housekeeping plus counseling. There are many services which are included according to different programs offered. Private and non-beneficial organizations are credited by Department of Housing and Urban Development for senior citizens and also for disabled people. They also offer funding for rents sometimes.

  • Housing Type:

The older individuals mostly look forward to such homes which have a single room with a bathroom or toilet along with the kitchen. They require a house which has bars and inclines. There are certain properties which can include clothing and transportation along with the facilities of clinical administrations.

  • Criteria of eligibility:

The elder people who are 62 years or above having low income are eligible to apply for this type of program.

  • How to apply for program:

To apply for this program the senior individuals should get in touch with the senior housing networks. There is a yearlong waiting list for this program. There is a preference for the individuals who are either living in an unacceptable situation or those who are paying a portion of rent as compensation.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

This program has such properties which are specifically designed for senior citizens. This program is under regulation for both benefits and non-benefits. This program is checked directly by Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Housing Type:

Their communities generally consist of one or two bedroom apartments. They are mostly not furnished. They are designed to meet requirements of elderly people. Their communities also conduct many events.

  • Criteria of eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for this program is dependent upon the pay scale and age of elder people. The age limit to apply for this program is 55 and above. This program makes it necessary for the tenants to have a restricted compensation of a little bit above 60% of the pay. This can be set specific according to certain communities to around 30 to 80%. There are certain other conditions as well one of that being that weather the elder person who is applying for this program owns a home or not. The criteria will be settled in that case on the factor that the investment received from those assets should be used to pay for the program.  It would not be allowed to live in that home if the person is living in the house of LIHTC community.

How and Where to Find a Senior Apartment?

There are certain different sources which can be looked upon in order to find such communities which are suitable for elder citizens. These can be searched through internet as well. There are certain websites such as the website of Department of Housing and Urban Development present many apartments and assets through their posts. There are many apartments and houses on internet which can be reached through an application or through telephone making it more easily reachable for elder people. Newspapers also present such advertisements from where the senior apartments could be found out easily. Such ads mostly appear on weekend newspapers. So, there are many sources from where such apartments or communities can be found out by senior citizens.