Computers are a common appliance in the 21 century. Every individual from children to elders are acquainted with computers.

There are so many choices of computers to buy from; ranging from minicomputers, desktops to laptops. However sometimes it may become difficult to choose from. Here is a guide about different types of computers and what might be the best choice for you.

Standard Tower PCs

These are the most affordable and basic desktop computers having a simple operation and design. These computers have various configuration options and can be used for simply browsing the web, streaming media, gaming as well as animation.

All-in-one desktops

These computers are a combination of PCs and monitors in a same device. These are powerful yet budget friendly devices. Although high powerful workstations are also present in all-in-one PCs. You can select depending upon your needs.

Gaming desktops

These computers have a tower design with powerful elements optimum for gaming and high performance. These systems are built for accommodating latest graphics cards, processors with high potential, and high storage. These offer several gaming options.

Mini PCs

Mini computers have a smaller desktop approach. They contain the tiny devices that are usually used in tablets or laptops with a desktop experience. These can fit in your palm or in your pocket as well. They are portable and good for use in home theaters to stream videos.


Laptops also sometimes referred to as notebooks are battery operated computers that can easily fit into a briefcase or as the name indicates in your lap. These are easily portable and convenient to use. They are lightweight and generally more expensive as compared to desktop PCs.


Another newer type of a computer is a chromebooks. Chromebooks are actually a kind of a laptop or tablet having a Linux based Chrome operating system. In contrast to laptops or macbooks it is more budget friendly. However the downside is that the programs of Windows or Mac OS do not work in the Chromebook. You can send emails or play games and apps via the Playstore.[i]

Operating Systems

A software that is an interface between the user and the hardware of the computer is known as the operating system. Every computer requires an operating system for running the programs. The computers must have an OS for running different applications e.g., browsers or microsoft office and to perform various tasks.

The OS creates a communication bridge between you and the computer which is otherwise not possible. The operating system functions to perform various tasks including the management of processes, memory, secondary storage, files, device, networking, and security of the PC.

Different examples of operating system currently available include Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, and Mac OS.

Types of OS

There are different types of operating systems having different features and working. Some of these are stated below:

Batch Operating System – in this system the lengthy and long processes of the computers are run in a batch. The tasks are performed online and then submitted to computer operating system.

Multi-Tasking or Time-sharing Operating systems – these systems allow different people at different locations to work simultaneously using a single system.

Real time OS – in this system the processing and responding time is very less for example Software Systems used by Military or Space.

Distributed Operating System – these systems are utilized by users who want a fast computation.

Network Operating System – these systems run by a server and function to manage networking, applications, groups, users, security or data.

Mobile OS – these systems are used to run smart phones, wearable devices or tablets. Examples of mobile OS include android, watchOS and iOS etc.[ii]

Best Computers To Buy

The best computers are those that can provide you different features including gaming, editing, school work, remote work or any virtual task you want to perform within an affordable range. You can find all-in-one computers, mini PCs, gaming PC, Mac, Laptop or chromebooks in the market.

Apple iMac 27-inch (2020)

The best desktop computer that has been highly rated by most users is 5K Retina Display Apple iMac all-in-one computer. This computer is one of the best choices for people wanting to edit photos and videos due to its classic design and innovative hardware that has a powerful CPU and GPU for performing all of your tasks swiftly. The Apple iMac is not only good for editors but is also fit for homes or offices. It has storage of 4TB SSD and a RAM of 128GB. You can also add accessories such as magic keyboard and a mouse. It is the 10th generation Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9. The most important features are the rich graphics and sound system. However, some customers have reviewed about the thick bezels of the device.

Price: $1,689.5 – $1,899.99

Dell G5 5090

If you want an affordable desktop computer Dell G5 5090 is the best choice as it not only boasts plentiful capability but also has numerous features and that too in a reasonable price. This computer is a great option for daily streaming, productivity and low-end gaming. The processor is the 9th Generation Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7. It also has good graphics giving good display while you are playing games or even watching videos. The RAM is up to 64GB which is a little less than Apple iMac or Aurora. The storage is up to 1TB SSD + 2TB. The downside is that this computer is not a good option for QHD/UHD gaming.

Price: $849 – $1,799

Alienware Aurora R11

In comparison to the above device, a more powerful machine is the sleek and stylish Alienware Aurora R11 that has been rated and reviewed as the best gaming PC at the time. It has a very high gaming performance and potent productivity. The specifications of this device include the processor of Intel Core i9 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics. The storage of this computer is up to 2 TB SSD and RAM is up to 128 GB. It can also be customized with different options and accessories such as RGB lights. Some negative reviews have been recorded about the software of the device.

Price: $2,969 – 3,599.[iii]