Lingerie is an important part of a woman livelihood. There is no need of an important event or a honeymoon phase to update lingerie it all just depends on your moods and needs.

It does not matters weather a lady prefers a lacy and sexy one or there is a more preference towards simple and comfortable range. There are various brands available in the market who offer a variety of lingerie covering all the needs of women.

Various Brands and Stores of Lingerie:

Some of the famous and top rated brands and stores are explained as follows:

  1. Agent Provocateur:

This underwear line was established in 1994 in UK. If some is after a seductive and super sexy lingerie they should go after agent provocateur. This brand presents with luxury designs celebrating full female form. They have beautiful undergarments sets which are very stunning. They have wide range which can cover all the types of lingerie from Valentine’s Day to a playful night.

  1. Versace Lingerie:

They are classic representation of Italian fashion house. They are made with the classic Medusa head and have bold printing. They can be worn at any time and they would definitely make you feel very sexy motivated. Just the touching of lace and bold printing give an ultra-glam feel of the undergarments.

  1. Calvin Klein Underwear:

This one is the most famous and recognized brand of underwear. They have minimalistic styling with maximum power feel and comfort. They have a wide range of underwear from seductive lacing to high cut briefs. They have such simple and elegant designs which can make any feel just like a celebrity.

  1. La Perla:

This underwear line present beautiful tailored lingerie with luxurious designs. This one is an Italian company which was found in 1954 and since then it has refined the undergarments for women. From corsets to lacy delicate lingerie sets, they present such a range which can make you buy everything in the store.

  1. Savage x Fenty:

This one is a savage lingerie house by Rihanna which is just made for everyone. No matter what is your size or style or even age you can find something to wear and choose for anyone. Their underwear line is just there to boost confidence for each lady. They have such bras and bodysuits which can fit anyone.

  1. Natori:

As women we all know that a good lingerie not only boosts our confidence but also help us to fit into our clothing more perfectly. This brand is famous for the fact that they provide underwear which fit the best. This was founded by Josie Cruz Natori. They have a wide range to suit a variety of women.

  1. Skims:

This brand was introduced by Kim Kardashian and their latest range is one of the best one. They offer great support and coverage and they have a wide range of collection with different colors and sizes. This one is the best so far if you need underwear which is smooth and makes you look good in your outfits.

  1. Chantelle:

They have been in the market since over a 100 years and they produce really good quality and great fitted lingerie. They offer such items which not only fit the best but are totally comfortable as well. They have undergarments with fine cuts to suit your body shape.

  1. Wacoal Lingerie:

This brand has been found since decades and is still producing great quality undergarments. They started around 1949 in Japan. They produce high quality and fashionable pieces. This brand is another perfect option as they present options for different sized ladies. Meeting the demand of every lady.

  1. Cosabella:

This brand takes the lingerie to another level of elegance. They have really colorful designs. They have really colorful designs with soft patterns. Their designs are super classic and never go out of fashion. Wearing their articles makes you feel super confident and graceful.

  1. Third Love:

This brand is a perfect choice for ladies who keep struggling in finding the right bra which perfectly suits their bodies. They have a perfectly inclusive range with a variety of sizes and styles. They have beautiful designs even for everyday wear. They present you a variety which perfectly suits you according to your body type.

  1. Spanx:

This one is just a blessing for every lady out there. This makes you feel super confident in your own body with your very own style. This one is a perfect shapewear which smoothens the curves and makes you look the best in your outfits. Their wide range from half shorts to pantyhose are just perfecto slim out any body type. Wearing spanx just boosts confidence to the fullest.

  1. Maison Close:

This one is a French brand of lingerie. They own the most sexist designs which are just made for modern women. If you are just looking forward to a sexy night you should choose lingerie from Maison Close. They have items with soft lacing and which give you a super luxury look.[i]

Famous Subscriptions Boxes of lingerie:

A subscription for lingerie is good way to keep you bra and panty range up to date. Getting signed to a subscription box is a genius way to get your things delivered at your home and to have collection of lingerie of every kind of taste and style. This keeps your lingerie wardrobe updated for any occasion. Some subscription boxes available are explained below:

  1. Adore me lingerie subscription box

This one is a monthly subscription box which comes in the form of three sets. These include a lot of styles presenting everything ranging from lingerie for special occasions to perfect sexy swim wear. They can also include pajamas and comfortable or breathable undergarments. This can cost around $140 per box.

  1. Createjoy my panty pack subscription box

This one is a fan favorite. This subscription box offers two pair of panties each month. They give comfortable and good quality underwears. This one is a bit cheap it cost $18 each month.

  1. Express MIMI: the express box

This is a monthly package. They provide very sexy and trendy lingerie sets each month along with a few accessories such as stockings and jewelry. Their entire range just makes you feel like a queen. It costs $100 per month which is just perfect for such sexy and pretty lingerie.

  1. Bootay bag subscription

This subscription box has highest review score from the subscribers as they have really stylish and comfortable lingerie. They give plenty of options so that you can get what you need. This is a monthly plan. According to the plan you choose you can get one to four panties each month. With this plan your underwear drawer stays updated. This costs around $10 per month.

  1. The Enclosed monthly knicker subscription

They present very luxurious lingerie which are perfect for people who adore designer lingerie. This one is a month to moth plan you can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 month plan. This box can be customized according to your needs that is you can choose the style of the bras and panties you need each month. This one costs $55 dollars per month.[ii]