Team collaboration softwares allow communication between team members through an informal space where they can share relevant information individually or in a group.

Such softwares are developed so that the members of a team in an organization can easily address to each other. They offer such tools which make it easier to access the files, daily tasks and shared knowledge among a team. Team collaboration softwares are varied and present solutions which are selected through a variety of functions and features. They are characterized according to their ability to provide the teams a space where they can collaborate and communicate. They present solutions which are user-friendly and instinctive making them highly adaptable.

Such Software are most of the time designed along with the task management software or the project management one. Such integrations establish systems which creates an impeccable channel for the undergoing projects and tasks which are to be discusses among the team members. They provide some overlapping functions or features which might involve creation of tasks and workflows. The team collaboration softwares cuts down all the unnecessary communications which interrupt the productivity by enabling its users to communicate directly on a document instead of settling it down through email which is slower and lengthy process. This speeds up the needed responses and also prevents the wastage of time during work.

Through the use of team collaboration softwares companies not only save their physical space but virtual space as well in a shared cloud software so in this way the users can easily save documents without creating bulky files on computers or in hard form. The users of such softwares can setup a structured folder to make sure that there is space for everything. These softwares could be utilized by teams or companies of all sizes. They allow the companies weather larger or smaller to connect virtually so they can work together on their common goals. They can be accessed all around the world but just the use of an internet connection.[i]

Top Rated Service Providers of Team Collaboration Softwares

  1. nTask

The nTask is a multi-layered tool for management that merges all of the needs of team collaboration altogether. This software is focused on helping the teams and their project managers of all kinds of companies to sort out their projects and to do finish the tasks speedily. This is a simple software which enables the users to move from one part to the other part of application easily without any doubt or confusion.


  • The nTask uses an automated process and enables users to create a checklist within a task and helps in setting or checking of the task status.
  • It has a built-in spreadsheet feature in which the total time spent on a task could be logged in by the users which are correspondingly created into a weekly time sheet by the software itself.
  • Resources and budget allocations could be easily managed by project planner.
  • Allows quick access to Gantt Charts which allows access to all team regarding their tasks and timelines of the project.


  • Their free plan offers unlimited members for an organization with around 100 Mbs for file storage and this also includes unlimited issue tracking.
  • Their Pro-Plan in paid and requires $3 per user each month which is quite reasonable and this offers unlimited projects.
  1. Asana

It is one of the oldest tool for project management it has such a sophisticated workflow that it any other software till date it unmatched to its features.


  • It helps in management and organization of work into separate compartments using Kanban boards which have easier options of drag and drop.
  • It provides graphical representation of the reported work which gives a summary of the progress of all tasks which is easily accessible to all team members.
  • They have custom fields which can easy highlight the tasks of high priority and the time spent on each task.


  • There free version allows limitless tasks and projects with 15 members range and also allow free conversation between them.
  1. Slack

This one is a fairly common software for team collaboration. It provides a centralized approach for all teams utilizing it for communication.


  • This can facilitate audio and video calling of up to 15 minutes at the same time.
  • It also facilitates to drag and drop documents, files, videos directly into this application
  • It also allows group chats and individual chats as well.
  • Video screen can also be shared to provide transparency of the information shared.
  • It can connect to various applications at the same time.


  • They provide a free plan for smaller teams with around a storage space of 5 GB and single person video call.
  • Their standard paid plan for around $6.67 monthly for each individual user. In this they provide unlimited messages searching and a storage space of 10 GB with video and voice calling of around 15 users.
  1. Flock

This has features somewhat similar to Slack but this one is cheaper. It provides tools with great features for team collaboration. In this all the team members can be gathered on a single area through creation of the distinct team channels allowing collaboration through video calls and also through audio calls.

It keeps the tract of important messages through the use of a unique bookmark feature. This allows to save the messages to be saved as favorites so they can be accessed at any time.


  • It easily allows to convert the regular conversations into to do list to help keeping the deadlines in check.
  • One click invitations for team members adding them without any interruption in the work flow.
  • Give limited controls to the members so that the sensitive information could not be accessed easily.
  • Helps in creating polls so that each member can share their perspectives about the decisions to be made for a project.


  • They have a free plan which is suitable for small teams with the storage of around 10GB along with some limited admin controls and 10000 messages.
  • Their Pro plan is suitable for mid-sized teams with a fee of $4.5 monthly. This provides unlimited messages with 10GB storage and enhanced controls for admins.
  • They also have an enterprise plan which is suitable for larger companies this allows custom pricing according to the needs of the firm they also provide unlimited messages with storage space of 20GB.                    
  1. Troop Messenger

This is an alternative application for slack allowing workplace collaboration. They allow the users to smoothly transits between the features in order to achieve better conversations among team. This one is designed for teams of all sizes. This allows to share information and files within seconds.


  • This allows sending of messages instantly and it provides various options of actions to be taken for the message send such as reply, forward, delete, respond later etc.
  • Allow to share screens with remote team members.


  • They have premium plan which offers all basic features in $1 per month with a storage space of 150GB per account.
  • Their enterprise plan offers all exclusive set of features in $5 per month this can also be availed as one month free trial.
  • They also provide self-hosting package which can be suitable for over 500 plus users in an organization this can be more suitable for larger firms or companies.[ii]